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Deanmore Primary School Board meets on Tuesdays at 4.30pm in weeks three and eight each Term.

Please contact Jodee Eaves, Deanmore Primary School Board Chairperson if you have any questions or require further information.

It was with great pleasure that I accepted the role as Principal of Deanmore PS at the beginning of Term 2, 2016. For me it was a home coming of sorts as I grew up and went to school (Nth Innaloo PS and Scarborough SHS) within just a few kilometres of Deanmore PS. Most of my teaching and principal roles have been in either regional or remote areas of Western Australia. I have been as far north as Derby, as far south as Newdegate and most of in between. I returned to Perth with my family at the beginning of 2015 as my children began their high school years. I have had the opportunity to teach in senior high schools, remote aboriginal community schools and many different primary schools.  

I have been a proud member of the Deanmore community for 5 years and Board Member for nearly 3 years. My daughter, Macee, is currently in Year 3. I’ve been employed at the Child and Adolescent Health Service for the past 14 years and am currently in the Director of Workforce role for the Perth Children’s Hospital Project. I am a Paediatric Nurse by background, with in excess of 20 years’ experience, and am passionate about the health and well- being of children and families. It has been my privilege to be part of the School Board during my term and I have been grateful for the opportunity. 

As one of the Deputy Principals of Deanmore Primary School, I feel extremely privileged to work in such a beautiful community, which is comprised of hard working students and staff, and very supportive and caring parents and carers. With my extensive teaching and Administration experience, I have developed the strong belief that as adults it is our responsibility to be advocates for all students to ensure that all of their academic, social and emotional needs are met and adequately catered for. With the ever changing world that we live in, it is important that as a school we prepare students with the necessary knowledge and skills to cope with the various challenges that they will face in the future. With both of my parents being teachers and my genuine care for others, it was no surprise that ever since I was in primary school I wanted teaching to be my career, which I have and will always love      

Senior Project Manager, Department of Transport, Driver and Vehicle Services. I have three children at Deanmore- Oscar (year 4) Sophie (year 2) and Izzy (pre-primary).   I have worked with the Department of Transport for over 17 years in various roles and bring areas of expertise to the School Board including Business and Strategic Planning, stakeholder consultation and community engagement.  

I am a proud former Deanmore student and now a proud Deanmore parent. I’m looking forward to being a part of and contributing to the development of the schools’ future policy priorities and aspirational direction and targets. I have a diverse professional background and network, with experience across the public, private and not for profit sectors. I am a strong advocate for the school and our community and am honoured by the opportunity to serve on the Deanmore Board.

I joined the Deanmore community last year and my oldest child is now in Pre-Primary.  I bring a diversity of experience from my Human Resources career, ranging from global lead roles in large multinationals to working with local indigenous communities in regional Australia, and my focus is to create positive, sustainable experiences for our employees and communities.  I am passionate about quality public school education and proud to represent our parents on the School Board.


Being new to Western Australia I am very grateful to be part of the Deanmore PS Community. After graduating with a Bachelor of Primary Education, from James Cook University, I moved to Perth and began continuing my teaching journey. My career has only begun, but my varied experiences have enriched my teaching values. I have travelled to Cambodia and taught English as an Additional Language, I have worked in country and city schools all over Queensland, and done relief teaching in Perth. Now in my second year at Deanmore Primary School I bring my previous experiences and continue my lifelong learning to support my students.  

I am the Phys Ed teacher at Deanmore and now in my 11th year at the school and 15th year as a teacher in WA. In my teaching career I have had experience across all year levels both in the classroom and running specialist programs. Prior to teaching I was a journalist in the UK working for national newspapers as a sports correspondent. Teaching was always in my mind as a career though as I spent much of my spare time as a teenager helping out in my mothers early childhood class in Manchester.

Volker Hopfmueller (Gerry) Community Rep Gerry is an Education Consultant, who has been Community Representative on the Deanmore Primary School Board since 2013. As an experienced educator with a strong background in Science, former Director Schools and SHS Principal he brings a wealth of knowledge to the Board. In his current role of recruiting school staff at all levels for various schools, contracting with PDT Consulting, he maintains his keen perspective on education policies and developments. He is very much aware of the need for schools to constantly reflect on their students’ achievements and to plan for improved student performance. Gerry has a very good understanding of the culture of schools and his expertise in educational matters will assist the Board in carrying out its important role.

I have been a member of the Deanmore Parent Community for over 5 years and my son, Jack, is currently in year 4. For the last 10 years I have been working as a Financial Planner, specialising in small businesses. Prior to this I was a Registered Nurse working in Oncology (cancer) care. I am honoured to be joining the Deanmore Board and will be able to put my analytical skills and financial acumen to good use as part of the Deanmore Board.

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