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Contributions & Charges

The Department of Education requires all schools to fully inform parents of all the costs associated with a child’s participation in the education program of the school.  We are required to inform you of the maximum amount that will be incurred in a year.

The costs are in sections:

1. Contributions:  The total amount of voluntary contributions parents are being asked to pay has been contained within the $60.00 maximum set in the School Education Regulations 2000.

2. Personal items:  These items are the personal property of the child and are essential to the program.  The school photo price is an estimate and may vary.

3. Charges:  These are amounts paid for participation in separate events; sporting activities, incursions, excursions, swimming lessons, dance, etc.  Only those who pay will take part in addition, there are many activities which are attended by selected students.  Charges for transport to sporting events are paid by participants only.  The senior Year 6 activity days are for all in the Year group selected to participate.  Instrumental music students who purchase an instrument (guitar or piano) will pay a purchase cost but will own the instrument.

Bank details

Account Name Deanmore Primary School

BSB Number 066 040 (CommBank)

Account Number 19907785