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Deanmore Primary School was first established in 1961 to cater for a growing population in the area. Since its inception the school, and area, has seen many changes in its population and this has been reflected in the number of students enrolled at the school.

Recently there has been a significant growth in student numbers which has seen the school exceed 500. In 2010, after many years of great service, the original school was closed with a brand new, state of the art school opening in 2011 on the same site.

The ‘new’ school has excellent facilities to support learning in the 21st Century. Through strong P&C and parent support each classroom has an interactive whiteboard or display, access to laptops or iPads, modern teaching resources and materials.

Parent involvement is a strong part of the Deanmore culture. This is seen through many activities and groups including the ‘School Farm’, construction of playgrounds, the ‘Deanmore Dads’, ArtMarket and numerous fundraising activities.

In 2012 Deanmore PS became an Independent Public School. Together with a strong School Board, P&C and dedicated staff this initiative has allowed the school to cater and respond to the needs of its students.

As a school and staff we are proud of the traditions that have built over more than 50 years and we continue to deliver on the school’s reputation of academic excellence and success.

Bank details

Account Name Deanmore Primary School

BSB Number 066 040 (CommBank)

Account Number 19907785