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Deanmore Staff 2019

At Deanmore Primary School we pride ourselves on maintaining and recruiting staff who actively contribute to a caring, innovative and enjoyable learning and teaching environment through collaborative and cooperative teamwork. The employment of staff who engage in ethical practices ensures that every student is successful in developing positive attitudes, knowledge and skills for life-long learning to enable them to achieve their potential and contribute to the local and wider community.

Administration Staff

  • Principal – Mr George Craig
  • Deputy Principal – Mrs Narelle Morisey
  • Deputy Principal – Mr Ralmo Dias
  • Manager Corporate Services – Mrs Danielle Reimer
  • School Officer – Ms Caz Leeson
  • School Officer – Ms Deb Mortimer
  • Library Officer – Ms Leanne Gray


  • Room G1 – Mrs Anna Crockett
  • Room G2 – Mrs Kim Foster
  • Room G3 – Mrs Virginia Prescott
  • Room G4 – Ms Kelli Mann & Miss Emily Richards


  • Room K1 – Miss Angela Williams
  • Room K2 – Mrs Annie Motherway
  • Room K3 – Miss Gillian Henry
  • Room K4 – Mrs Carol Griffiths & Mrs Megan Chestnut


  • Room M1 – Miss Lisa Sampey
  • Room M2 – Mrs Claire Martin
  • Room M3 – Mrs Jo Hassan-Raiyat
  • Room M4 – Miss Emma Williams
  • Room M5 – Miss Liz Jerrat
  • Room M6 – Mrs Megan Tetley & Mrs Jenny Hancock


  • Room D1 – Miss Ashlee Brydon
  • Room D2 – Miss Claire Pratley
  • Room D3 – Mrs Tracy Wacker
  • Room D4 – Mrs Chloe Liebeck
  • Room D5 – Mr Graeme Morgan

Specialist Teaching Staff

  • Physical Education – Mr Dan Rodgers
  • LOTE (Mandarin) – Mrs Anh Naicker
  • HASS – Mrs Kate Plichta
  • Science – Mrs Melinda Carr

Education Support Staff

  • Mrs Sue Hayes, Mrs Shelley Jamieson, Mrs Lorna Holland, Mrs Lisa Low, Miss Emily Maunder, Miss Tammy Petrides, Mrs Kelly Waller, Mrs Sally Puttock, Ms Sue AllGood

Bank details

Account Name Deanmore Primary School

BSB Number 306 073 (Bankwest)

Account Number 1006385